BYU Football: Thank You Jamaal Williams

This is a Thank You letter to Jamaal Williams:


Dear Jamaal,

BYU fans everywhere would like to thank you for all you have done for the program.  We have all enjoyed watching you play and grow from the 17 year old kid we’d never heard of to the man, myth and legend you have become.  You embodied representing the Y without being the cookie cutter BYU student athlete.  I would like to share with you my favorite Jswagg moments.

On the field:

After the Georgia Tech game in 2013 I remember telling my dad, This Jamaal is as good if not better than Jamal, meaning Jamal Willis.  You single handedly took over this game and lead the cougars to victory and you were by far the best athlete on the field that day against an ACC team.  You did it earlier against Hawaii that year, but against Georgia Tech was even more amazing.

You followed this up with a solid Sophomore campaign, rushing for 1233 yards and having us all wonder when you were going to become BYU’s all time leading rusher.  We were all elated when you passed that mark this year.

I think this run against Wyoming was the perfect end to your career at BYU:


I watch that and think. “He’d look good in a Seahawks Jersey next year”.  I can hope right?

Off the field:

Jamaal we thank you for bringing personality and flair to BYU at a time when we didn’t have much.  We thank you for giving us hope that BYU may find more people like you.  I was very impressed with you last year.  Many other star players wouldn’t have done as you did and came back this year.

We, as Cougar nation, always appreciate you being yourself and I always got a kick out of how you interacted with Bronco Mendenhall.  I for one am very thankful for you calling out the University for its Terrible Music during games at times.  Hopefully you can continue to ensure “Popcorn Popping” is never played at Lavell Edwards Stadium ever again.

In closing, Jamaal I look forward to watching NFL football and seeing a team’s starting lineup feature a running back from B Y U.  I know you will continue to rep the Y and do us all proud on the next level.  Thanks for allowing us to watch you play and remember BYU fans appreciate you more than you know, oh, and GO COUGARS!




A lifelong BYU fan


Courtesy of The Deseret News
Courtesy of The Deseret News

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  • Thanks Jamaal. I’ve been watching you run. It’s amazing. I’ve wondered what that little secret you have so be so successful. The power, speed, jukes are are all critical but I think there’s one other thing I think I see. It’s your ability to anticipate even a couple of players ahead. I don’t think I’ve seen another runner so good at that. Hope you make millions in the NFL. I’ll be watching, if the NFL can get their patriotism together.

  • Jamaal
    You brought a swag to Y that was badly needed, greatly appreciated and completely unforgettable. I hope you rule the world, maybe in a raider uniform.

  • Jamaal,
    I have loved watching your athletic ability and passion as a BYU running back! The BYU family has loved having you and your mom as part of Cougar Nation and we hope you will remain active with us going forward. We have learned a lot from you the past few years, how to have fun while still competing at the top level, how to interact with other players and fans on both sides of the ball and most importantly, how to overcome challenges to finish what you start. Best wishes for success at the next level! Thank You for your contributions to BYU Football!