BYU Football: Sleepy Cougars Could Spell Doom

Will BYU be ready for a early morning start on Saturday or will the Cougars be too sleepy to handle the Michigan Wolverines?  You hear about it in the NFL all the time, a west coast team travels east and plays an early morning game and struggles.  Does this happen in College football as well.  BYU vs Michigan starts at ten am Utah time.  BYU has had 8:30 pm local time starts the last two games.  Is this a problem or just par for the course?

According to this is how NFL teams fair traveling:

Records of Time Zone vs. Time Zone (2007-11)
HOME ROAD Games W L T Pct.
MST MST 1 1 0 0 1.000
EST PST 59 44 15 0 0.746
MST CST 26 19 7 0 0.731
EST MST 35 24 11 0 0.686
PST MST 22 14 8 0 0.636
PST PST 24 14 10 0 0.583
CST EST 184 107 77 0 0.582
CST CST 99 57 42 0 0.576
CST PST 55 31 24 0 0.564
PST EST 71 39 32 0 0.549
EST EST 394 215 178 1 0.547
EST CST 192 103 89 0 0.536
PST CST 43 23 20 0 0.535
CST MST 22 11 11 0 0.500
MST EST 31 15 16 0 0.484
MST PST 22 10 12 0 0.455

You’ll notice that the Mountain Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time has the lowest percentage of wins.  That is exactly what BYU is doing Saturday.  It is reasonable to expect that this time change could be a problem for the Cougars.  Take a long flight, have jet lag, strange bed, and playing 10 and a half hours earlier.  It is more then enough to reasonably mess up your body clock.

College football is different because every week they play at a different time.  They don’t have that set schedule that the NFL has.  The college football athlete’s body clock may be more adept to adjusting to different things on a weekly basis.  In most cases they are younger too, not always in BYUs case, but most cases and that helps.

What can we expect from BYU?  This BYU team has been everything but reasonable.  They have won when they should have lost and lost when they should have won.  You never know what to expect from this team.  They are way too unpredictable.   When I saw Taysom Hill go down I thought this BYU team would go 0-4 in September, but these crazy Cougars just keep fighting (figuratively, not literally this time).

What should we see from these Cougars? I honestly don’t know.  Nothing would surprise me.  The 10 am start worries me, but I still wouldn’t be surprised with BYU coming out a rolling in the Big House.  I believe in Tanner Mangum and I have been thoroughly impressed with the defense when compared with last year.  I still would have liked to have seen a better finish from the defense last week.  I predicted a BYU win before the season and hope that prediction rings true.  Can 10 am be a problem ?  We will see how they handle a 10 am start in front of 100 thousand plus on ABC.




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