BYU Football: The Sky is Falling

“THE SKY IS FALLING!”  That’s the narrative I got from BYU fans yesterday.  All doom and gloom and no hope after the Jswagg daddy withdrew from school for personal reasons.  Don’t worry fellow Y fans I am here to comfort you and give you hope.  Is the season over before it’s even started or is this a blessing in disguise?

Now, I’m not going to get into the “should the Honor Code change” debate here, but if you’re are wanting BYU to make drastic change you shouldn’t hold your breathe.  I was looking forward to seeing BYUs senior backfield run all over people this fall. There is no question that Jamaal Williams is the best running back BYU has and losing him takes away the number 2 in the dynamic 1-2 punch the Cougars had in the backfield.  If you don’t believe me watch this:

The important part of the news that came down yesterday is that he will redshirt and be back for the 2016 season.  The first positive thing I thought of (once my depression wore off) is that’s at least another media day with Jamaal being Jamaal.  Then I thought about it some more and asked myself does Taysom Hill need Jamaal as much as Tanner Mangum needs Jamaal.

Taysom hill is dynamic enough to carry this team.  He will be back to running, throwing and leaping to touchdowns regardless of who is in the backfield with him.  I would like for him to have as much help as possible, but don’t forget how special Taysom is when healthy.

I know this year’s football is still a little less then a month away, but look ahead to next year.  New starting quarterback, most likely Tanner Mangum will take over.  Nothing eases a quarterback transition as well as having an experienced good running back.  If you have a feature back that the inexperienced Mangum can lean on when needed and open passing lanes the rate of success goes up.  If Williams can carry a Riley Nelson lead BYU to victory against Georgia Tech like in the video then he can be a bigger asset next year.

Let’s face it Jamaal is still the swag daddy.  He is going to come back in 2016 and break records and rush for more yards then he would have this year.  He won’t have to share carries with Taysom.  I have said and continue to say Jamaal Williams will be an NFL running back and a BYU all timer.  We will still tell the next generation stories of Jamaal Williams just like my Dad told me about a different Jamaal… Jamaal Willis.

So lift your head Cougar fan it was bad news, but it was a blessing in disguise.  I just hope that the swag daddy knows that BYU nation is still supporting him.  I know this writer and along with everyone else at TornBySports (yes, even the Ute guys) hope everything is okay and he comes back stronger then ever next year.  Remember he was only 17 his freshmen year.  As if the media would let us forget.  GO COUGARS



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