BYU Football: Preview and Prediction for BYU vs Nevada

BYU vs UConn

Week 8- BYU vs Nevada

BYU hosts the Nevada Wolf Pack football team tonight at LES. BYU is 4-2-2 all time against the Wolf Pack. There are question marks all over this BYU football team right now but here are few things I will be watching for today and a prediction for the score:

Win the First Quarter

I feel that the most important thing for BYU is to start with a bang. This team needs a boost and a big first quarter can get them rolling. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We all know that the longer you let inferior teams stick around there is a better and better chance that they will beat you. Nevada needs to have their confidence shaken early, not encouraged by a closely played game until the end. A close game late is bad news for BYU (see points #3).
  2. The BYU offense needs to control the Time of Possession. The defense has been taking a lot of heat but they spend and awful long time on the field due to a lot of three and outs from the offense. With Taysom, I don’t mind going fast all the time. Without him, I would like to hold onto the ball a little bit longer.
  3. Nevada scores late. For example, in the past three games (2 of which were close losses) the Wolf Pack has outscored their opponents 45-7 in the fourth quarter. Again, a close game late is bad for BYU.

Bend don’t Break?

The questions: Am I an over critical fan who is never happy? Have I been spoiled with the defense the past few years so I feel entitled that they should be good every year? Did I think that Bronco handing over the defense meant that the defense was so solid that he didn’t even need to coach them anymore?

The answer: Yes.

The defensive philosophy has been working very well for the past couple of years. BYU didn’t give up big plays and they tightened things up as the field shortened. However, the defense this year has seemingly forgotten NOT to break. I know a lot of injuries have happened but anytime an objects bends, there is a possibility of breaking. That’s why we don’t bend our bones just to see how far we can push it (at least I hope no one does that?). So how about the defense tries something new: not bending. If you don’t bend, it is much more difficult to break.  Rocket science, I know. Can we institute a new slogan “Don’t Bend, Won’t Break”? #dontbendwontbreak. I really am just being over dramatic about it all. Can’t we just have KVN back? Ok… moving on…


The first thing I do when I flip on the BYU game is look to see if the stadium is full. Never looks good on TV when a stadium is empty and tonight, sadly, I feel that it could be pretty empty. The fan base has lost a lot of energy. If Bronco was concerned about the attendance BEFORE Taysom was injured then I hope he gave away a few tickets for the game tonight. I am hoping the BYU faithful fill the stadium but I just don’t see it happening.


Still got the Cougars pulling out the win. BYU 28, Nevada 24.

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