BYU Football: JSwaggy Media Day

BYU media day has come and gone.  Here is what I took away from the festivities.

Jamaal Williams

Jamaal Williams was the star of Media Day and cemented himself as my favorite Cougar this year.  He made the rounds with the local media members.  He ate a cupcake with Hans Olsen and told the story of the Good Samaritan using the bloods and the crips, here are a few of the quotes that came out of the JSwag Daddy:

“I’m heavier, sexy heavier.”

“I’m a little dark, tattoos, they don’t see that a lot around here… When people stare at me I just stare right back.”

“The dogs gotta eat and there’s a lot of dog in me to go eat.”

“Hope everyone is having a voluptuous day”

Most importantly on BYUtv you get Bronco with Jamaal.  I could watch this as a reality show and be entertained all day.

(about the 49 minute mark)

Bronco is asked if Jamaal is going to be the all time leading rusher in BYU history and he answers with an emphatic “he’s going to be!”

“You expect a fish to swim in water” is the JSwag Daddy’s way to say he is going to do his thing.  He’s going to be the swag daddy regardless of any injury.  Says he will be back ‘juking and spinning’ all season long.  He’s says he could play Nebraska tomorrow.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Frank Wintrich

The man who has come to save BYU from injury says he has changed the way they prepare.  No more Olympic lifting.  He focuses more on explosiveness.  He is teaching them to prepare better and it all sounds good right now.   Hopefully his influence helps and BYU doesn’t have five million ankle injuries again.

Taysom Hill

The most important thing to take out of all the Taysom Hill sound bites is that he is “100 percent”.  He’s ready to go and have a historic senior season.  He got asked about his health a million times and said the politically correct answer.  Mainly there are going to be less designed QB runs, but he’s not going to change who he is.

Robert Anae

Robert Anae gushed about his Offensive Line especially Tejan Kkoroma and said the wide outs are deepest unit on the team.  He spoke of calling less designed QB runs as well citing that there is a lack of QB depth and Taysom needs to stay healthy.  He said that Taysom and Jamaal are as explosive if not more explosive then they were before injuries.  He said that he needs to make sure that Taysom is still Taysom and not hesitant and afraid to get hit.

Bronco Mendenhall

Bronco talked about P5 membership and said the way to get there is to schedule big games and win those big games.  The first part has started and this year hopefully they will take care of the second part.  He made it clear that it’s up to them to capitalize on the great schedule and “beat them all”.

The issue I have with BYU football independents is Media Day is in June. It got me ready for football now and just have to wait.  Listening to Jamaal Williams, Taysom Hill and Bronco Mendenhall pumps me up and makes me feel like they will have a great season.  Remember just as with spring football everything may seem awesome, but you don’t know until they take the field.  Go Cougars

BYU - Bronco Mendenhall
Photo Credit: Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

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