BYU Football: Too Early Preview: Another Boise Beat Down?

BYU Football vs Boise State
Photo Credit: Jake Essman/ The Arbiter

Will BYU football take another beating from Boise State in 2015? BYU’s match up with the Broncos has not been kind to the Cougars.  Boise State is 4-1 all time against the Cougars with last year’s beating leaving a bitter taste.  This is the too early preview of the Boise State Broncos.

Head to head:

Boise State has won four out of the five matchups so far.  The first time these teams met the Cougars took a 50-12 beating during the Crowton era but we don’t like to count that one, because…. Crowton.  BYU lost by one the next year in Boise 28-27.

In 2012 BYU started playing a home and home series that extends to 2023.  This yearly matchup started with the Cougars losing 7-6 in classic defensive show down.  My favorite Bronco Mendenhall era moment happened in this game.  Despite the loss BYU flexed its muscle with this great goal line stand:

I’m just glad Bronco and I have the same dance moves!

In 2013 BYU beat Boise 37-20 with Taysom Hill starting to show us what he could do as a passer with his second straight 300 yard plus passing game. He also ran extremely well.

Last year Boise State beat BYU 55-30 in BYUs fourth straight loss after losing Taysom Hill to injury although lack of Taysom Hill wasn’t the biggest problem for the Cougars.  The game seemed to be an accumulation of all of BYUs problems last year.  Any Defense that gives up 55 points doesn’t deserve to win. The way the defense was against Boise was the reason they lost those 4 straight games in that period.

What more could we have asked from Christian Stewart?  He went 23/38 passing with 259 yards, a touchdown and one interception. The backup quarterback put 30 points up which is usually enough to win on any other Bronco Era team.

I won’t torture you with the highlights.

Boise State Offense:

Right now you would guess that the Boise starting quarterback would be Sophomore Ryan Finley because he took snaps last year, but look out for Freshmen Brett Rypien.  Rypien was a big time recruit who broke Boise State legend Kellan Moore’s high school passing records in Washington.  I wouldn’t be surprised if either one of these starts in week 2 against the Cougars.

With Jay Ajayi now in the NFL, last year’s back-up running back and former Ute wide receiver commit, Jeremy McNichols, will be taking over as the feature back in the Boise State offense.  Last year he was a change of pace back and played some wide out.  He had four carries for 32 yards against BYU last year.

Boise State has consistently recruited offensive line and wide receivers over the last few years.  They get the most out of the guys they have every year at these positions.


The Bronco defense looks to be as talented, if not more, this year than last year.  The linebackers were the bright spot last year and with Tanner Vallejo returning to lead this defense, it won’t be a cake walk for BYU.    The secondary lacks depth which is saying a lot when they played against mostly Mountain West competition last year.

Too Early Prediction:

Assuming BYU is with a healthy Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams, they should take advantage of Boise States lack of experience at QB and RB.  I also see Bronco making this a statement game with the defense.  They won’t be embarrassed like last year.  Cougars win a close one at home 28-24.  Go Cougars.

photo credit Daily Herald
photo credit Daily Herald

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R Todd Graham

I'm Todd Graham, no not the coach, I'm a big BYU, Utah Jazz and Seahawks fan. I think I'm funny others may disagree. My opinion is mine you are welcomed to disagree.

  • bryantthesmith

    Christian Stewart wasn’t responsible for all 30 points. The defense had a pick-6 by Warner and a safety by Taele. Not everything went bad for the defense.

  • RohoSombrero

    This game scares me more than any other game on the schedule.

  • Herm Nelson

    Boise State fan here. This game is one of three huge games for for Boise State this year. The schedule is totally front-loaded, the other two big ones being Washington in the home opener and a visit to Virginia. Boise State should roll through their Mountain West schedule without too much trouble, since they skip the top of the conference…no Fresno State, no San Diego State, no Nevada. They have potential trap games against Colorado State and Utah State, but both of those teams have major personnel turnover issues to deal with. Boise State’s stock will go up or down a huge amount with their 3 big games in September, and BYU is one of the three. It is like a bowl game, it is huge. Looking forward to it!

    • Realistic Optimist

      Herm Nelson,

      It is with great respect for Boise State, that I reply to your post above.

      I admire that as a G5 team, BS was able to do great in two BCS bowl games, and I am proud of them for consistantly being ranked high in the polls.

      Boise State has the makings for reaching the top of a P5 conference team someday, not too far away. Boise State reminds me a lot of TCU.

      When two teams are selected for the next opening, I hope that it is BS and BYU that goes as a team to capture those two openings.

      On the meantime, I see Boise State as our true rival now that Utah has left the
      G5 status for the P5 status. I also congratualate Utah Utes for their accomplishments.

      I hope that our new rivalry can be one of friendship, intelligent communication and void of classless, silly, mean, childish, unedcuated type of rivalry that the two teams shared in shame between the Utes and the Cougars.

      I see this new rivalry as much more intelligent, much more educated, and much more desireable and I hope that it continues for a long time.

      • Herm Nelson

        I have to correct you, the Broncos have won 3 BCS bowls in the last decade, not 2. Their Fiesta Bowl wins in 2006, 2009 and 2014 are a nice hat trick for an up-and-coming G5 program. I would expect the budding rivalry between Boise State and BYU to stay pretty civil, since the culture in both football programs, at both schools and in both cities is pretty good.

      • Realistic Optimist


        Thank you for the correction. This even adds to, (if possible), to the respect that I have for your BS team. Like you, I see a future, if not a present, great and civilized rivalry between our two schools.

        I have been reading many of your other postings and I am a fan of yours. Again, I do not agree with everything that you write, but I do appreciate your professionalism in the way that you correspond publicly.

        We will never agree politically speaking, but that’s okay. Our thinking is very close when it comes to football, and on this site, football is what is important to me.

        We could argue for hours regarding Clinton/Bush, –Bush/Obama,– and Hover/Roosevelt, –Depression/World War 11/Pearl Harbor, –etc. etc. etc. It would be a needless upsetting and unnecessary bad experience because we attended different schools, regarding the recent history of the 20’s, to present. I was born in the middle of the depression, and I experienced that which most people today have only read about.