BYU Football: BYU vs Wagner Preview and Prediction

Week 8: BYU vs Wagner 10/24/2015


For the 2nd week in a row, BYU faces a team that they have never played before in the FCS Wagner Seahawks. Wagner comes in to the game at 0-6 and will be a very different matchup than what BYU has been facing so far this season.  The two programs don’t, and hopefully won’t, have any future games scheduled.

My Thoughts for Saturday

Putting it nicely, Wagner is having a down year. A few weeks ago while I was going about my day at work here in NYC I heard news that the Columbia University football team had finally broken their 24 game losing streak. “Good for them, bad for the other team,” I thought to myself. Then I found out that the ‘other team’ was Wagner. Needless to say, I don’t expect much from the when they take on the Cougars at LES on Saturday. But there are some positives in this game for BYU.

First off, this BYU teams has been battling injuries all year. With the Wagner game and BYE coming up, the team can have the time to get healthier. Tanner Mangum is dealing with the hamstring injury and will get some work but should get out of the game early, assuming all goes to plan. That means that backup, and fellow freshman, Beau Hoge will get some valuable game reps. We all saw how stagnant the offense was when Mangum exited the game against East Carolina and this gives the offense time to work out some of the kinks with Hoge in the game. I am actually really excited to see him play. Obviously be going up against a lesser opponent, but I think it will be good for his confidence to be successful and find his groove in the offense. If we have learned anything from this season, is that depth will be a key issue for BYU going forward with their future schedules.

Speaking of depth, the defense just got thinner with the announced suspension of LB Takitaki who will miss the rest of the season for violating team rules. I was just getting excited to see the growth of the defense will most of their key players finally on the field at the same time. I think we saw them start to gel during the 2nd half against Cincinnati. But these suspensions happen and the next guy in line will just have to step up. What I would most like to see from the defense is some consistency. I go from thinking that they are going to give up 800 yards (1st qtr last week) to ever wondering how they give up any yards (4th qtr last week). I think it will be easy for them to put together 4 solid quarters against Wagner.


Overall it will be a dominant day for BYU. The offense will be able to gel with Hoge and open up the playbook with Mangum. Most importantly, the team can get a chance to get some rest while still getting some game reps.

BYU 55, Wagner 13

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Justin Burr

I am an avid sports fan, especially BYU football and Yankee baseball. I watch basically any and every game I can. Currently living in NYC for school and work mean I get my Cougar fix with ESPN and the KSL 1160 app. Hit me up @jburr21.

  • Realistic Optimist

    I Ilike, in part, the description of this game vs. #257 FCS Wagner as a time to get some reps, but I don’t like the description of being a time to rest, There should be no rest for the players, as a whole, or for the coaches until after the bowl game.

    Is our defense so lacking that they would allow a #257 in the Nation, FCS team, score any points at all, much less 13 points?

    I can remember well, the last time that UCLA game to Provo and we shut them out 59-0.
    Was our defense that much better than, or is our defense than much worse now?

    I hope that you may want to correct your prediction.

    I really enjoy most of your articles and predictions. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    • Realistic Optimist

      Not a reply, but a continuation:

      You brought up a very important point that I failed to mention. With Mangum is in need for time to recouperate, and with Beau Hoge in need for more reps, I believe that instead of worrying about running up the score, It would be wise to protect Mangum from further unnecessary possible injury and allow Beau Hoge to play the entire game. He is our only back up should Mangum go down, and as shown in the last game, at this point, Beau Hoge, is not ready to take over any game vs. teams like Missouri or Utah State, should Mangun go down. The games vs. Fresno State and San Jose State, without Mangum, may be too close for comfort, unless,
      Beau Hoge, has a whole lot more game time reps before that time comes should Mangun go down.

      Perhaps we ask toooooo much of our non member players in regards to the honor code. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot and don’t allow ourselves to advance with all our our suspensions. With each suspension, I draw closer to wanting the NCAA call the shots as to whom gets suspended and whom does not get suspended. Normally I fight for local control over central control, but I am starting to feel that we go overboard with so many suspensions.