BYU Football: BYU vs USU Preview and Prediction

Jamaal Williams has chance to be special

Week 6: BYU vs USU


Again with the Penatlies:

Last season I felt like the thing I wrote about every game was how well (or poorly) the offensive line played. This season it seems I will be writing about how bad BYU is in regards to penalty yards per game. BYU entered the game against Virginia with only 3 teams averaging more penalty yards than the Cougars. They came out of the game tied for last – DEAD LAST – in the country for the most penalty yards per game at 105.5 yards per game. I would even be more frustrated by the penalties this season than the offensive line issues last season but I am not purely because BYU has been winning. The reason I hate penalties so much is that they are 100% preventable. I can live with the fact if BYU gets beat because they aren’t as good as the other team but if BYU loses and has a bunch of personal fouls and 100+ penalty yards, then I have a problem. Clean it up.

Something to Prove:

USU has something to prove this week facing the Cougars. Utah State was actually supposed to be a pretty decent team again this season. They even got 1 point in the preseason AP top 25. I know 1 point doesn’t sound like much but for a team that usually doesn’t get any votes until they are undefeated 5 or 6 games into the season having a vote in preseason is pretty good (for comparison BYU had 8 points). USU is also coming off of an embarrassing loss last week to Arkansas State. I know everyone is talking about injured QB Chuckie Keeton but has a QB rating of 92.8 this season while replacement QB Darell Garretson has a rating of 123.5.

Get Hill Out:

I am hoping that tonight proves to actually be a relatively easy game and that Hill can feel safe in just handing the ball off to Williams and Co. to let them take the hits for this game. I hate to throw this fact in (it’s probably the Athletic Trainer inside of me) but the BYU vs USU match-up has produced a season ending knee ligament injury for a QB two seasons in a row – Hill in 2012, Keeton in 2013. Hopefully the trend ends this year but if BYU has the chance to get Hill out of the game early, they need to do it.


USU does have a lot to play for but I still see BYU reaching the 30 point plateau again. BYU 38, USU 24

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