BYU Football: Better off with Tanner Mangum?

Don’t get me wrong here, Taysom Hill has been one of my favorite Cougars to watch.  I loved watching him run all over Texas twice and loved watching him develop as a passer as well.  Last Saturday against Nebraska he showed us what he is capable of and if BYU could have got that for a full season they would have been great.  That’s the problem, the if.

All summer I predicted optimism and hoped that Taysom Hill would have a monster senior season and become an all timer at BYU.   He would be someone Cougar fans would just tell people that they had the pleasure of watching play.  That is if he stayed healthy.  Taysom Hill came out on fire on Saturday and I was feeling great about my prediction.  He was hitting receivers all over the field and scored two rushing touchdowns.  Then if came back and Taysom suffered his third season ending injury of his college career.

My heart sank seeing Taysom going to the locker room.  I was hoping that it wasn’t something serious, but became more and more worried as the defense got a stop and a freshmen quarterback came out with a helmet that looked way too large.  Tanner Mangum looked different then Christian Stewart looked the year before.  He looked poised, ready to take over.  He threw beautiful passes and ran for nine yards in the first half.

Then Taysom Hill triumphantly ran back out of the locker room for what I was hoping was for good, but it was short lived.  In the 3rd quarter you could tell that Hill wasn’t 100 percent and came out for the second and last time.

That third quarter wasn’t the best bit of football for BYU.  BYU fans watched the 24-14 lead turn into a 28-24 deficit and saw it’s Senior quarterback leave the game for the last time.  It became Tanner time.


After a Sampson field goal BYU trailed by one and a missed field goal on the Nebraska side it was Tanner time.  I tweeted out:

We all know he delivered, but can he the rest of the year?  He has the receivers to have a special season and is a traditional drop back passer.  With BYUs running back woes and think what Robert Anae’s has done with drop back passers in the past, BYU may be better off with Tanner Mangum this year.  There will be no four game losing streak to recover from a Taysom injury this year just a Tanner take over.

Mangum is still a freshmen and he will struggle from time to time.  With Mangum BYU still has the chance to win 9 or 10 games. I will miss Taysom Hill and I wish he could’ve delivered a legendary Senior campaign, but we are where we all and there is still optimism to be had with Tanner Mangum taking over.

Let the Mangum Mania begin!  I believe in Tanner Mangum.  Go Cougars.

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  • This kind of speculation always amuses me. Every ten years or so people wonder if the #1 college team could beat the worst pro football team. Of course not, not even close. Same thing here. Taysom Hill is an amazing athlete with a lot of experience under his belt, Tanner Mangum is an exceptional athlete but he is still just a rookie. As good as Mangum is, I hardly think that Brigham Young is better off with him than with Hill this year. Mangum will probably eventually be a better quarterback, undoubtedly a Heisman candidate and probably even a Heisman winner if he continues on as he is.