BYU Against the Field for Big 12 Expansion

Yesterday I posted about how BYU matches up with the Big 12 financially, the question has now arisen: How does BYU match up with the other schools rumored to be included in Big 12 expansion?

There are a lot of different scenarios which can play out. Does the Big 12 head west and add BYU and BSU or CSU? Do they head east so West Virginia isn’t all by itself?

The most important question is which team brings the most to the Big 12? Each team definitely brings something unique to the Big 12 whether it is recruiting or finances there definitely is an answer to which teams will be the best additions for the conference.


In this comparison, the two best options are BYU and Cincinnati. Both have large endowments and large student bodies. UCF has by far the largest student body but doesn’t have quite the endowment these other schools do.

1. Southern Methodist (private): $1,425,000,000         11,000

2. Cincinnati (public): $1,200,000,000                           42,656

3. BYU (private): $1,053,241,027                            29,672 

4. Houston (public): $716,400,000                                  40,747

5. Colorado State (public): $389,900,000                      31,256

6. Memphis (public): $183,800,000                                 21,480

7. East Carolina (public): $144,701,001                          27,386

8. UCF (public): $135,500,000                                         60,810

9. Boise State (public): $83,399,459                               22,003

Stadium Size and National Championships:

BYU is the clear winner here with the only team to win a national championship (it could be argued that SMU shared one with TCU in 1935 but I’m going by the Poll Era which began in 1936). The Cougars have by far the largest stadium which means more ticket sales which means more revenue for the Big 12 to share.

1. BYU: 63,470 (1, 1984)

2. Memphis: 59,308 (0)

3. East Carolina: 50,000 (0)

4. UCF: 45,4401 (0)

5. Houston: 40,755 (0)

6. Cincinnati: 40,000 (0)

7. Colorado State: 34,400 (0)

8. Boise State: 33,500 (0)

9. Southern Methodist: 32,000 (0)

Athletic Revenue:

BYU is by far the most attractive team here, running nearly $7 million in net earnings. Cincinnati is pretty attractive as well from the amount of revenue they have and the fact that they are bringing in over $2 million in net earnings.

1. BYU: $60,124,096     $53,524,295     $6,599,801

2. Cincinnati: $61,915,431     $59,540,002     $2,375,429

3. Colorado State: $34,791,926     $34,468,927     $322,999

4. Southern Methodist: $49,657,375     $49,657,375     $0

5. Boise State: $43,166,257     $43,292,010     -$125,753

6. Memphis: $46,346,285     $46,501,314     -$155,029

7. Houston: $42,024,887     $42,664,044     -$639,157

8. UCF: $41,222,301     $41,981,093     -$758,792

9. East Carolina: $35,805,232     $36,639,494     -$834,262


This is probably the second most important factor to go with revenue. The Big 12 wants to put it’s foot in a recruiting hot bed which they have yet to tap so schools like Houston and SMU don’t get the nod that they normally would. UCF and ECU also are pretty difficult because they are in the middle of SEC and ACC country compared to Cincinnati and BYU where there is only one major conference competing per team, BYU also opens up the door to the west so recruiting can expand in AZ, CA, WA, and OR while Cincinnati opens up the Mid-West and arguably the North East which is a real recruiting hot bed for the taking. The statistics I am considering here is the number of recruits the state holds in the ESPN 300 and the number of competing P5 teams in the region, there’s no way to really rank how the Big 12 would compete in the area if they were to expand into the region so I’ll just provide the data.

BYU: 3 ESPN 300; Pac-12

Boise State: 1 ESPN 300; Pac-12

East Carolina: 18 ESPN 300; ACC and SEC

UCF: 53 ESPN 300; ACC and SEC

Colorado State: 2 ESPN 300; Pac-12

Cincinnati: 7 ESPN 300; Big 10

Houston: 43 ESPN 300; Big 12 and SEC

Southern Methodist: 43 ESPN 300; SEC

Memphis: 10 ESPN 300; ACC and SEC

Out of the four categories I compared it is pretty clear that BYU and Cincinnati stand above the pack. These two teams have been mentioned the most in expansion and would definitely make the most sense for the Big 12 to extend invitations. BYU and Cincinnati bring the most to the table in terms of both on and off field success and would add some great stock to the conference.

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    Settings A new comment was posted on TornBySportsMalty17

    “What are ‘we’ continuing to do? Does hoping or pushing for inclusion into a money-making conference really irk you that much? ”

    Read the article again. I have nothing but praise for the HC and the AD for the efforts that they are making to try to get us into a P5 conference within the next 3 years.

    “Does being labeled BCS or P5 improve performance on the field?”

    Read the article again. Being a P5 team, demands that we improve our SOS.
    Hard work and great coaching is what will improve our performance on the field.

    “If being independent is viable long term, I’m fine with it.”

    Read the article again. It is the HC and the AD that says that long term Independence is no longer a viable option. It is not me saying this. It is the AD and the HC that has been saying this for several weeks now. I agree with them for all the same reasons which they state.

    “At best the schedules are as good or better than most ‘P5s’ “

    Not at all a true statement.
    We are now much improved by having 4 or up to 5 P5 teams on our future schedules, so far, while the P5 teams are having at least 9 P5 teams on their schedules.

    “(BYU’s 2015 SOS is ranked 7 based on final ranking and 2014 winning %”)”

    Not true as stated.
    In the past 40 years, playing Mid Major teams, BYU ranked 7th vs those teams playing P5 type, BCS type, major type teams. This does not mean they were the best over all, but instead when compared to those teams playing a much stiffer schedule like USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Ohio State, Penn State etc and the list goes on, yes , we playing the likes of Wyoming, New Mexico, Fresno State, San Jose State, Rice, UNLV, San Diego State etc, had the 7th most winning seasons, which is really a silly comparison. It’s like saying that Pork Chops are better than a Rack of Lamb. Don’t get me wrong, I love BYU. I am a lifetime fan of BYU. I just get annoyed by some of the foolish fans that don’t know how to evaluate.

    ” and at worst they aren’t any different than they would be in the MWC.”

    Learn to read for facts and keep your emotions out of it.
    I have said in all related posting that there is no going back to MWC or any Mid Major Conference and that to do so would be a step backwards and not a viable option.
    I have said that until such time that we are accepted into a P5 conference, Independence is the only viable option.
    Recently, both the HC and the AD have stated that being Independent for the long term is not a financial viable option. This is the HC and the AD stating this. It is not me. However, I do agree with them when the average P5 conference team gets $25 Million TV money while we, as an Independent gets only $10 Million. The disparity in income between the have’s vs the have nots, makes it more and more impossible for the have nots to compete. The group of 5 Alabama dropped out of football last week because they see now, that financially they will not be able to compete.

    “Although I’d love more home games like the 2013 schedule, I’m a ‘realistic optimist’ that feels that all will work out. I l ike BYU football regardless of the conference.”

    Please don’t use my dba. I am the only Realistic Optimist.
    All of us fans love BYU football. Some of us fight to get it into a position of being all that it could be, while others just complain about those making the effort to get BYU football into a position where it can advance and remain relevant under the new college football rules and TV financial situations that drive a wedge between the P5 teams and the group of 5 teams.

    Note: Nobody is trying to fool or insult anyone (note: Steele sent out the tweet, not BYU).
    Come on, I know Phil. Do you? Read the post again. You are really a poor reader.

    “Winning games is winning games. If you feel the need apologize for winning the games on the schedule,”

    You are wrong again.
    Winning games playing a weak SOS, mid major type schedule, compared to winning games like P P5 team, is a world of difference, where playing and scheduling like a P5 team, which our HC and our AD is desperately trying to do within the next 3 years, this will keep us significant and in the football business. To play a weak SOS schedule like a mid major team will soon put BYU out of the College Football Business. Perhaps you should 1.) listen to what our HC has been telling us. 2.) Listen to what our AD has been telling us. 3.) Learn how to read the postings for what they are saying and stop being defensive about what those postings are not saying.

    “then you should latch onto another team.”

    You are not “sports” wise enough to make this statement. I won’t even respond to it.

    Sorry that I allowed you to make me unkind in my response to you. I let you get to me. I apologize. I am against those that respond in an unkind way, like I just did. I do apologize.

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