BYU Basketball: Any Good News?

Years ago I made a transition in my sports following. Not a transition in the teams I follow, but in how I follow them.  Instead of sulking in losses, I look for the good. I still get to enjoy all the happiness in victory but don’t have to suffer in the sadness of defeat. So after BYU’s loss Saturday night to Gonzaga, I asked myself, “any good news?”

#1- BYU Basketball is still on the bubble.

Although the bubble is thinning, BYU is still there. Every loss hurts and BYU is leaning heavily on their strength of schedule. The best news for BYU is that they have six of their final nine games at home with two of their road games at Pacific and San Diego. Much like college football, it is most important to be playing your best at the end of the season when the selection committee is paying the most attention. BYU has a great chance of going on a nice winning streak heading into the WCC tournament, which I believe they have a decent shot at winning (call me crazy or see #2).

#2- BYU can play with anyone.

Look at some of the stats for BYU: 2nd in the country in points per game at 87.5, 6th in rebounds per game, and 12th in assists per game. That means on any given day BYU can out-shoot and out-rebound just about anyone. The offense gives them a chance to win night in and night out. BYU has had some disappointing losses but do you feel that they couldn’t play with any of the WCC teams? Hopefully your answer is no, because they can. If the team can find a defensive mentality (I feel like they all feel their role is offense) and improve their defensive ranking from 336th, they will be dancing in March. A small defensive gain will equal some big W’s.

So what I am trying to say is to not give up just yet. The season is not lost and this team has the weapons to turn things around quickly.  I think BYU has a great shot of going 8-1 to finish the season. Not saying that it will happen, but I know it can happen.

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Justin Burr

I am an avid sports fan, especially BYU football and Yankee baseball. I watch basically any and every game I can. Currently living in NYC for school and work mean I get my Cougar fix with ESPN and the KSL 1160 app. Hit me up @jburr21.