Selection Sunday: Bubble Resumes Cheat Sheet

On this nervous Selection Sunday morning, we here at the Sports Bros decided to compile the resumes of this year’s March Madness bubble teams. To start, we are including BYU’s resume for comparison, followed by the four teams Joe Lunardi has directly below the Cougars on his projected bracket. If time permits, we will add the four teams Lunardi has above BYU.

These are ultra-simplified resumes, as we didn’t have time to go deep into all the factors the committee considers. But it is a good place to get a quick snapshot of BYU’s chances to go dancing. Also, this list was quickly compiled, so if we missed anything then go ahead and tweet us at @SportsBros and we’ll update it.

BYU (23-11):

– RPI: 33, BPI: 42

– Good Wins: Texas, @Stanford, Gonzaga

– Bad Losses: LMU, Pepperdine, Portland, Pacific

Southern Miss (27-6):

– RPI: 31, BPI: 65

– Good Wins: La Tech, NDSU

– Bad Losses: UAB

Minnesota (20-13):

– RPI: 50, BPI: 55

– Good Wins: FSU, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa,

– Bad Losses: Northwestern

Florida State (19-13):

– RPI: 52, BPI: 49

– Good Wins: VCU, UMass, Clemson, Pitt

– Bad Losses: None

Cal (19-13):

– RPI: 61, BPI: 67

– Good Wins: @Stanford, @Oregon, Arizona, Colorado

– Bad Losses: USC, UCSB

Observations: The computers love BYU, probably because of its stellar nonconference schedule. Of these five teams, BYU has the highest RPI/BPI average. BYU’s good losses look considerably worse, however, than Florida State’s, Minnesota’s, and Cal’s. And their bad losses are more numerous than any other team on this list.

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