The Big 3: Jimmer and the Jazz

1. If Jimmer reaches a buyout with the Kings, is there a real chance he signs with the Jazz?

Jimmer Fredette is about as polarizing of a figure as there is when it comes to Utah sports.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never believed he would have an outstanding career in the NBA.  That being said, the guy has produced when he’s been given the opportunity in Sacramento, so what are the Kings thinking?  What did the Kings have to lose by giving the guy more minutes?  We’re talking about a team that has pretty much purchased real estate in the NBA lottery for much of the past decade.  I don’t get it; no one does.  As far as Jimmer and the Jazz, it’s not happening.  Don’t get me wrong, it would boost ticket sales and I’m sure he’d bring some extra scoring to the Jazz, but where do things go next year?  Remember that Brazilian kid that we drafted last year?  Raul Neto?  Remember how Dennis Lindsey worked in San Antonio – home of the NBA’s international team?  I truly expect we’ll see Neto in a Jazz jersey soon, so Jimmer signing with Utah just doesn’t make sense to me.  I hope the kid gets a real chance somewhere and gets treated with some consistency.  Best thing for Jimmer would be to go to a team with a superstar player on offense.  Doesn’t it make sense to have Dwight Howard and James Harden kicking it out to him in Houston? Or how about Miami?  We all know the guy could use a little sun.

2. ‘Tis the season for buyouts, will the Jazz complete one?

Have we ever known the Jazz to pay a player to leave and play elsewhere.  We used to have this guy named Raja Bell… and we all know how that story ends.  I know that completing a buyout would open a roster spot to bring in some young talent, but I just can’t see it happening.  The rumor this morning was that the Jazz would be seeking a buyout with John Lucas III (opening a spot for Jimmer), but let’s think about this – when the Jazz are winning and you look at the bench, who is the one up cheering?  Who’s the first one on the court when a timeout is called?  JLIII may not be the best point guard, but he’s probably one of the best teammates on the team.  He’s been a class act throughout the season.  A buyout with Biedrins or Brandon Rush makes more sense, but I’ll stick with history – Jazz close the season quietly.

3. Will Alec Burks start a game before the end of the season?

Alec Burks is a baller.  Many nights, Burks is the best player on the court for the Jazz, and sometimes the best overall.  The guy is 12th in the league in points per game coming off the bench.  He has attempted more free throws coming off the bench than any other player in the league – that’s right, FIRST in the league when it comes to free throw attempts for a bench player, and second in free throws made.  Could the guy be a starter in this league?  No question.  Will he start a game by the end of the season?  Yes.  Burks should play a huge role in the future of the Utah Jazz, and the guy has to get minutes.  I think as we get into March and April, Coach Corbin will hopefully experiment a little more with the line-ups and rotations.  Why hasn’t he done that throughout the year?  I don’t know.  It makes sense to have some consistency for the development of the young guys, but hey, let’s go crazy and get our tank on, right?

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Devin Masters

Devin has been a lifelong Utah Jazz fan, enduring the heartbreak of Michael Jordan's push-off and the tragic end of the Sloan era. A lover of college athletics, he supports Notre Dame and the University of Utah. A fan of the world's game, he can be found cheering for Real Salt Lake, and the American and Spanish national teams. Also a fan of the Denver Broncos, and a casual follower of the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners. He is a Dub State graduate and widely considered the pride of Ogden.