Big 12 Inclusion is Now Out of BYU’s Hands

Fans have known since before the season began that 2014 was critical for BYU to make a case that they should be included in P5 expansion. The consensus was that it was BYU’s opportunity to lose with a favorable schedule and a number of promising players returning.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned for the Cougars as several key players suffered season ending injuries which resulted in a four game losing streak and an 8-4 finish to the regular season.

Luckily for BYU, the new format of a four team playoff has created some controversy among the P5 for their inclusion to the playoff. There is pressure on the 10-team Big 12 to expand, but where that pressure comes from can result from two possible outcomes this upcoming weekend.

Scenario 1 is that the Big 12 finishes with two teams that are 11-1. With only having 10 teams in their conference they are unable to have a Conference Championship Game. The playoff committee has said that CCG’s will have major impact on their decision for who makes the playoff. This could be positive for BYU’s chances as internal pressure to expand to 12 teams would put the Cougars as the front runner for the Big 12 to call. This outcome is only possible if Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, and Florida State all win their CCG’s this weekend and TCU and Baylor both finish 11-1.

Scenario 2 is that the Big 12 is able to place one (or even two) teams into the playoff. This would create outrage from the other conferences since the Big 12 wasn’t forced to play in a CCG while the others were. The argument is that playing in one more game makes for a more difficult schedule  for the other conferences while the Big 12 was able to have one more bye week. This pressure from the other conferences could force the Big 12 to expand so all is equal for the P5.

Both outcomes are only possible if Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, and Florida State all win their CCG’s this weekend and TCU and Baylor both finish 11-1.

So this leads to the question of which scenario puts the most pressure for them to expand? Share your thoughts in the poll below:

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  • Neither of those scenarios guarantee that the Big 12 chooses BYU to be the 11th or 12th team. Boise State and CSU are in the mix as well.

  • BYU is the only team west the Big12 would invite any other team will be east. They would have to decide if they are okay with BYU on an island like WVU is now. I would like to see BYU and Cincinnati invited, they are the best two options and bring the most to the conference. Then split the conference east and west, so BYU is not in the same division as WVU/Cincinnati

    • The best option would obviously be for Pac-12 to go to 14 and add BYU and CSU, that brings back the CU/CSU and BYU/Utah rivalries and the conference would be split into a mountain and pacific division. Big 12 is most realistic obviously, but you’re right BYU would have to be on an island which they would most likely be fine with as they can afford the travel.

  • With the age of the Internet, one must be very careful to not try to fool people with excuses. It is too easy now to lose complete creditability.
    If BYU is serious about wanting to be a P5 team, like independent ND or like any team from a power 5 conference, than BYU must schedule like a P5 team, Recruit like a P5 team, coach like a P5 team, and play like a P5 team.

    We can’t sit around and wait to see if the Big 12 is going to expand for one reason or another, of if the Pac 12 is going to change their attitude about BYU.

    When we start scheduling 8 P5 teams per season, with no excuses, and finish the season with 7-5 or better record, that will get us into the P5 real of respect faster than anything else.

    This might require that we put the responsibility on the LDS AD to make sure that the coaches hired and the students recruited are not an embarrassment to the Church and the University, while removing the requirement that the HC must be LDS.

    We must hire the best coaches possible, and not just the best LDS coaches available.