BCS vs. Playoff Series

The BCS is our best chance at winning a Big Game.

Last week we discussed the possibilities of a Playoff series in College Football. Formats and positive motives were also discussed. For the big schools, Playoffs could not be a better idea. However, for us in MWC-ville, Playoffs would mean the end of our Big Money games as we know it, at least for now.

The MWC isn’t exactly the first conference you think of when you think of Football dominance. Part of the reason Utah or BYU or anyone in the MWC aren’t as good as the rest is recruiting. Why would a top recruit (who ISN’T mormon) want to go to the MWC when he could go to the SEC, Big 12, or Pac 10? With the lack of the top recruiting class, Utah and BYU can win one big game or two, but in a Playoff where they would have to win 3 or 4 straight? There is not a chance. If the rumors are true that Utah is going to the Pac 10 in a few years, then things might change, but for now, they get the recruits that Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, or USC did not want.

The BCS series makes is easy for small conference teams to have an impressive (however empty) 12-0 record, and then get ready for 3 weeks or more for their Big BCS game, then shock the world. In the 2008 season, all Utah had to do was win out (and they were a few missed field goals away from doing) and then prepare for one month for a The Big Game and shock the world. Preparation means everything to the small school. The BCS gives them almost a month to prepare, whereas a playoff, they would have one week to prepare. Big Conference teams have been playing top teams all year, so they are already far better prepared for a Playoff situation.

Short and Sweet, the BCS is what makes it so easy for the small conference team to play a big game and win some cash, so if you support the small conference team (BSU, U of U, BYU, TCU), a playoff is the LAST thing you want.