Another rivalry moment to be remembered. Marshall Henderson hits Emery as the game was coming to an end.

As a BYU fan who has read the blogs from Utah fans on this blog, I would love to exaggerate and say that Henderson was frustrated and punched Jackson Emery in the face, but that would not be accurate. So after some brief physical contact, Henderson threw the ball at Tavernari in an attempt to keep it inbounds and after a quick exchange of words, the “classless” Henderson turned around and flailed his arm with Emery a few inches too close, he hit Emery in the chin; knocking him to the ground. At that point there was a bit of chaos as Tavernari had to be held back, and even the coaches exchanged some words.

A huge freshman mistake, and unfortunate for Henderson, he will have play BYU 3 more times and will not live this one down. He was kicked out of the game, and there will probably be a brief suspension.

“Marshall Henderson made a mistake, plain and simple,” Utah coach Jim Boylen said. “We need to move on now. We’re going to handle it.”


The game reminded us all of the Rivalry Football Game, BYU with a strong first half, Utah comeback, with a BYU win.

BYU starts strong, killing Utah in the first half. Utah made a great comeback closing in on BYU, at one point the score was 64-60 BYU, but then Fredette sealed the win scoring 8 points in a row. He was on fire and scored 36 points during the game. BYU wins, 82-69