Alex Smith deserves better

Alex Smith is no longer a 49er.  He’s officially been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2nd round pick this year, and a “conditional mid-round pick in 2014”, and he deserved better.  I’m a BYU fan and never liked Alex Smith while he was at Utah; but right is right, and what has happened to him this year is everything but.

The former number one pick overall has, from the result of a concussion that was beyond his control, gone from leading the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship last year and a 6-2 start this year to being benched and traded.  He was completing 70% of his passes and had 13 TD’s and 5 INT’s.  He was as hot a QB as could be found in the league.

Now he finds himself on what can only be charitably described as a team in the 7th year of a five year rebuilding plan.  Is this what he deserves?  You know how you get to be the number one pick overall?  The team that drafts you sucked the year before.  Sometimes a team will move up to the number one spot in the draft to get a specific player, but it’s not like the team winning the Super Bowl is going to move up 31 spots.  Any team that moves up already sucked to begin with and is trying to improve quickly.

Now Alex Smith once again finds himself on a team that isn’t very good.  He already put in his time with a rebuilding team and saw that team go from cover-your-eyes awful, to mediocre, to sleeper team, to conference favorites.

Now he can look forward to more of the same – and that’s too bad.