About Us

TornBySports was created by brothers Grant and Daniel Bagby in late 2009.  At the time Grant attended the University of Utah and Daniel attended Brigham Young University.  Shortly after the 2009 rivalry game the brothers were discussing some post game comments made by a player in the rivalry.  The comments that were made created quite a stir in Utah and families, communities, and practically the entire state became divided over the rivalry and comments.  The discussion went on to how much sports in general divide people.  They decided a website would be a fun way to highlight sports in Utah and how divisive they are.  But what would they name it?  Synonyms were then discussed and “tear/torn” came up.  Thereby TornBySports was created.

TornBySports is an opinionated sports website.  TornBySports currently covers most major sports in the state of Utah as well as major sports at Utah State, BYU and the UofU.  Often major or headline sports news will also be discussed.  The opinions of each writer is their own and does not reflect all writers of TornBySports or TornBySports. We, TornBySports, welcome you to add your respectful opinion (comment) to our posts.  We aim for a respectful dialogue and we reserve the right to deny comments that don’t fit our mission. Welcome.