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Editor’s Note: Writer and Utah Jazz fan, Ken Curtis joins TornBy Sports to look in on the upcoming season. Follow him on twitter: @CurtisKen

Breaking News: The Utah Jazz will NOT be making the playoffs.

It’s true. You know it is. I would wager Greg Miller, Dennis Lindsey, and Quin Snyder know it’s true as well. In fact, I would say that is their plan. Sure they look good in the preseason, but they are not a playoff team. Go ahead and make those summer plans, you won’t need to change them.

So should we still be excited? Should we continue to tune in and endure more shots of Matt Harpring’s hair?  Should we still go to games even when we will lose and lose often?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Here are 3 reasons why we should watch:

  1. The youth movement. Remember how everyone complained about Richard Jefferson getting 30 minutes a game? Or Marvin Williams?  Well, they are no longer here. The kids are going to play. Burks will start, Gobert will get minutes, Trey and Exum will play, and Rodney Hood will be the first off the bench.  We are going to see the kids, and there will be no need for any #FREESOANDSO social media campaigns.
  2. Quin Snyder. Regardless of your take on Ty Corbin, there is a new sheriff in town. Quin Snyder, and his hair, are bringing change to the once changeless franchise. New schemes, new tempo, new plays, new mindset, all of these will make the Jazz worth watching this year.
  3. The Jury has been out on several Jazz players, and we will finally get the verdicts on some of them this year. Can Alec Burks bring enough to be a starting 2 guard in the league? Is Gordon Hayward worth his max contract? Will Derrick Favors ever turn into a dominant big man? Is Enes Kanter worth resigning? Can Trey Burke be a franchise point guard? This year we will get some answers to these questions.

Hop on board the bandwagon. We might not be heading to the playoffs, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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