Utah Jazz: The Miller’s Gift to Salt Lake City

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“This team belongs to Utah and belongs in Utah.” – Gail Miller

Earlier today, the Miller family hosted a press conference to announce that they would transfer ownership of the franchize to a Legacy Trust. The repercussions of this decision can be heard or read throughout the Salt Lake valley and beyond.

This announcement, along with the decision, is unprecedented. In a world where making a buck or striking the big deal is the norm, this deal is as incredible as it sounds. Take for instance the Seattle Supersonics. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail what took place there. It was unfortunate for the city of Seattle and heartbreak for its fans. Even the story of the New Orleans Pelicans, on the verge of extinction, the NBA stepped in and provided the proverbial bailout to keep them in the Big Easy.

With the Bostons, Golden States, Lakers and Dallas Mavericks of the world constantly benefiting from their large markets, it’s next to impossible for the smaller markets to compete much less survive. Owners come and go. Teams often have to sell and sometimes move. For Utah Jazz fans, that’s a fear that dominates the back of their minds for years. Or, it did.

The reality will never likely see the light of day. It will never materialize. Thanks to the Gail, and her late husband Larry’s long time promise. The Jazz will remain in Utah perpetuity. Forever. For generations.

The Utah Jazz will remain in Utah, where it belongs. It will remain a continuing figure in the community.

A grandiose gift from a family that believes strongly in the community. A family that believes in keeping family together. I’m sure if you ask them, the community of fans is as much family as their own. And now, their ensuring a safe and secure future for their family.

Thank you Gail and Larry Miller. Thank you Utah Jazz. You are forever in our hearts. We are forever indebted to you.

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